Internet Court

- Junior Thesis Film -


In a world where online misconduct isn't tolerated, an internet troll is arrested, tried in court, and forced to confront her online targets face-to-face in this fast-paced satirical courtroom drama.

Loosely based on my own social media antics, Internet Court is a satirical take on what could one day become reality given the power of the internet. After many drafts over the course of several months, it was surreal to see the story come to life with an amazing cast and thanks to the help of my hardworking producer and cinematographer/editor.

Cast & Crew

Director, Writer

Alyssa Callahan

Aodhan Ozawa Burns

Producer, Sound Designer

Rafael Souza

Cinematographer, Editor

1st Assistant Director

Jillian Ruvalcaba

Christian Kolo



Nicole McCullough
Sherry McFarland
Lainnie Felan
Ashby Clark
Jack Eletto
Minerva Gomez

Camila Beatriz

Alex Harutunian

John Kerry

Steve Golod